Good Night, and Good Luck

The third cycle of the Erice School of Science Journalism has just been officially launched, after the one co-directed by Barbara Gallavotti from the start of the school in 2009 to 2012, and the second one co-directed by Umberto Dosselli and myself from 2013 to 2016.

The school has a new team, to whom go my best wishes, and a new website (see top of the column on the left), and these pages that I have setup years ago to unofficially accompany the second cycle will now turn into an archive, and hopefully a public space to collect reflections on the Erice experience, on what in the perspective of science journalism worked best, what could be improved and what could have worked if only we had thought about it.

The goal, which I always pursued during this challenging and exhilarating experience, is to support a stronger, more competent, reliable and self-conscious community of science journalists, in Italy, in Europe and abroad.

Fabio Turone
Cambridge (Massachusetts), Feb 28, 2017