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The Erice International School of Science Journalism announces 30 fellowships for applicants from European countries and 5 fellowships for applicants from non-European countries to attend the 2014 edition (June 9th – 14th, 2014) focused on “THE DIGITAL WORLD: computing, networks and us”.

The fellowships are aimed at science journalists, science communicators and students in science journalism and communication.

The list of confirmed speakers includes:

Fred BALVERT (science communicator, Erasmus MC, NL), Ayelet BARAM TSABARI (Technion, Israel), Michele CATANZARO (freelance journalist, Spain), Tommaso DORIGO (INFN Padova, Italy), François FLUCKIGER (Cern, Switzerland), Giuseppe LIBERTI (researchblogging.it), Donatella LUCCHESI (U. of Padova & INFN, Italy), Harvey NEWMAN (Caltech, USA), Daniela OVADIA (U. of Milan, U. of Pavia, freelance journalist, Italy), Sergio PISTOI (freelance journalist & book author, Italy), Idan SEGEV (Human Brain Project, Israel).

The selection requires:
• For science journalists: at least three years of professional experience working/freelancing for general or popular science media;
• For science communicators: at least three years of professional experience working in a scientific organization, science museum or science centre or as a freelancer in a position of press officer, curator, editor of (web) publications, organizer of outreach activities or similar;
• For students: being a student in a master programme in science journalism or science communication.

Candidates should send their CV and a motivation letter in which they describe:

1.         Their plans for their professional future
2.         Why they think participating in the summer school would benefit their career
3.         How they perceive the challenge of living in a digital world: it is clear that the paradigm of the WWW on one hand and the availability of huge computing facilities has opened possibilities in various sciences, technologies and social interactions that are re-shaping our Society.

Fellowships will cover:
•          The fee of the School
•          Staying in Erice
•          Travel expenses to-from Erice: arrival on June 9th and departure on June 14th (airfare/train/bus; only public transport is allowed, no taxi) -> for participants from EU countries
•          Partial reimbursement of travel expenses to-from Erice: arrival on June 9th and departure on June 14th (airfare/train/bus; only public transport is allowed, no taxi) -> for participants from non-EU countries

The members of the selection committee are:

Fred Balvert (Erasmus MC University, science communicator), Eleonora Cossi (INFN Press Office), Umberto Dosselli (INFN-LNF Director & co-Director of the Course), Fabio Turone (President of Science Writers in Italy & co-Director of the Course).

Please send your application for a fellowship:
CV (max 1 page) and motivation letter (max 1 page) to Rita Bertelli, e-mail: EISSJC (at) LNF.INFN.IT

The deadline for application is March 10th, 2014Applications which should reach us after this date will not be taken into consideration. You will be informed of the acceptance/reject of your application by April 7th, 2014. Candidates not selected for receiving the fellowship will still be allowed to attend the school by paying the fee of 500 euros that includes the accommodation and the meals in Erice.

It is strongly recommended to bring your laptop for the workshops.