Science is not finished until it is communicated

Fellow Sabine Hemmer, from the INFN in Padua,
sent us this report she wrote after attending
the 2016 edition of the School.

“A good physicist is able to communicate”

by Sabine Hemmer

These the words of Fernando Ferroni, president at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) in Italy, on occasion of his talk at the 7th International School of Science Journalism in Erice this week. Together with other 40 fellows I had the great pleasure to attend this school around the theme “Fundamental Science: From cutting edge technologies to the heart of society”.

The view from the room where we had our coffee breaks.

The school, organised by Science Writers in ItalyINFN Frascati, and Centro Fermi, brings together scientists and science communicators, with the latter ranging from staff at press offices and science centers to science journalists. The scientific talks this year had a stress on fundamental and applied particle physics and of course also gravitational waves were present. Amongst the speakers were Eugenio Coccia, Marco Durante, Alessandro Variola and, as already said, Fernando Ferroni.


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