With the start of the third cycle, in 2017, the school created a brand new website – whose address is published in the left column – which from now on is going to be the only official venue for updated information about present and future activities. 

These pages – curated by Fabio Turone, who was one of the co-directors for the four years of the second cycle (2013-2016) – will keep unchanged the information on the first editions, and intend to be a place to reflect on the complex relationship between science, society, science communication and science jornalism.

The hope of the author is to build on the experience in Erice – which «let emerge here and there different visions»,  to quote from an article in which the Director of the School Enzo Iarocci summarized the 2016 edition – to further strengthen the vision of science journalism as an independent, authoritative and reliable voice in the public debate on responsible science and innovation.

Previous themes of the school:

2016: Fundamental Science: from cutting edge technologies to the heart of society
2015: The Science of Light
2014: The Digital World
2013: Cognitive Neuroscience
2012: Nanotechnologies

2010: Frontier Science for Health
2009: Energy

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  1. Belén, Spain said:

    A fantastic opportunity to widen knowledge and personal network.

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