2009 – energy

Program 2009

 Monday 6 July,� 9.00-18.30


Thomas Hartkopf (Darmstadt University, DE)
Green Power: a Vision of Zero-Emission Electricity Supply (Part I) 

Francesco Romanelli (JET-EFDA, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK)

Like Burning a Star on Earth

Coffee Break

James Cornell (International Science Writers Association, Tucson, AZ, US)

The Rise and Fall – and Possible Rise Again – of Science Journalism

Thomas Hartkopf (Darmstadt University, DE)
Green Power: a Vision of Zero-Emission Electricity Supply (Part II)

Fumihiko Takasaki (KEK, Tsukuba, JP)

Frontier Accelerators at KEK

Lunch Break

Jess Pryce-Jones (iOpener, London, UK) and Neil Bennett (iOpener, London, UK)

How to Handle the Media: Maximising the Opportunity and Minimising Risk (working session)

Tuesday 7 July,��������� 9.00-18.30

Hiromi Yokoyama (University of Tokyo, JP)

Reaching the Heart of Japanese Public in Science Communication

Jean-Michel Delbecq (Future Nuclear Systems – EDF R&D, Clamart, FR)

Energy from the Atom: Innovation towards Sustainability

Minoru Kubo (JAEA, Tokaimura, JP)
Science for the People: Public Information Activities of Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Coffee Break

Round Table: The Choices for Energy: (what should be) the Role of Media
(Fabio Turone, Minoru Kubo, Rajan Gupta, Giorgio Rostagni, Luisa Cifarelli)


Norbert Holtkamp (ITER Organization, Cadarache, FR)

ITER: A Fusion Experiment Based on a Worldwide Collaboration

Tal Berman (Clore Garden of Science - Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, IL)
Energy Goes Green: Trends in Science Centers

Coffee Break

Paola Rodari (SissaMediaLab, Trieste, IT)

Communicating Science in Museums and Science Centres (working session)

Wednesday 8 July, 9.00-18.30

John Carr (CPP, Marseille, FR)

Exploring the Sky from the Depths of the Sea

Rajan Gupta (Los Alamos National Laboratories, NM, US)

An Open Database to Understand, Visualize, and Analyze Global Energy Systems

Neil Calder (ITER Organization, Cadarache, FR)

ITER – The Big Prize: Global Communication for the World’s Largest Science Initiative

Coffee Break

Sergio Bertolucci (CERN, Geneva, CH)

The LHC: Smashing Protons to Shake Commonsense Beliefs

Patrick Vittet-Philippe (European Commission, Bruxelles, BE)

Putting Science in the Picture: European Research meets the Communication Challenge


Peter Green (AlphaGalileo Foundation, London, UK)

Journalists or Apologists for Research?

Tahsen Mughrabi (Al-Quds University, East Jerusalem, PS)
Challenges in Communicating Science in the Mediterranean Area?

Coffee break

Andrea Pisent (LNL-INFN, Legnaro, IT)

High Power Beams for Clean Nuclear Energy

Round Table: Journalists and Scientists in Science Communication: different goals, perspectives and tools

(Patrick Vittet-Philippe, Judy Jackson, Youhei Morita, Andrea Vacchi, Peter Green)

Thursday� 9 July,� 9.00-13.30


Giovanni Anzidei (UGIS, Milano, IT)

Teaching Mistakes at School, the Right Way to Understand Energy

Renilde Vanden Broek (CERN Press Office, Geneva, CH)

First Beam – Communicating the LHC Start-up

Luigi Palumbo (LNF-INFN, Frascati, IT)

Nanobeams for Nanoscience

Coffee Break

Judy Jackson (FermiLab, Batavia, IL, US)

Science in the Global Neighborhood

Elisa Manacorda (Galileo, Roma, IT)

Scientific journalism 2.0: connecting the readers (working session)

Closing remarks


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