2010 – Frontier Science for Health

Program 2010


SUNDAY MAY 9 (09.15-18.30)




Reporting Science in a New Media World

Nadia EL-AWADY (World Federation of Science Journalists, Cairo, EG)

Light-Ion Therapy: a Worldwide Vision

Thomas HABERER (HIT, Heidelberg, DE)

Coffee break

The Fear Factor: Dealing with Risk Communication between Alarmist Headlines and Confident Declarations

Fabio TURONE (Agency Zoe of Science Journalism, Milan, IT)

Frontier Nanotechnologies for and by Life Sciences

Dario PISIGNANO  (Universita’ degli Studi del Salento and National Nanotechnology Laboratory CNR-Istituto Nanoscienze, Lecce, IT);

Lunch Break

Communicating Current Research in Museums and Science Centres

(working session)

Paola RODARI (Sissa MediaLab, Trieste, IT)

MONDAY MAY 10 (09.30-18.30)


Advanced X-Ray Light Sources for Frontier Life Science Research

Edgar WECKERT (DESY, Hamburg, DE)

Explaining the Latest Achievements in Cancer Research and Therapy: between Hype and Hope

Daniela OVADIA (Agency Zoe of Science Journalism- Padua University, Milan, IT)

Coffee break

Neuroscience through Headline: Social and Ethical Issues in Communicating Brain Research

Daniela OVADIA (Agency Zoe of Science Journalism- Padua University, Milan, IT)

Angels, Demons and Black Holes – Threat or opportunity. Experience from CERN through the Start-up of the LHC

James GILLIES (Cern Press Office, Geneva, CH)

Lunch Break

Creating a Radio Broadcast: a Live Simulation from the Interview to the Final Assembly

(working session)

Federico PEDROCCHI, Maria Chiara ALBICOCCO (Radio24-Moebius, Milano, IT)

Welcome in the Nanoworld (screening of a documentary movie)


TUESDAY MAY 11 (09.00-18.30)


New Particle Imaging Methods for Advanced Medical Diagnostics

Giacomo CUTTONE (LNS-INFN, Catania, IT)

From ‘M.A.S.H.’ to ‘E.R.’; the Contribution of Medical TV Series to Public Understanding of Medical Issues

Ela BAUER (Dep. of Communication and Film – Seminar Ha-kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv, IL)

ELI: a Vision towards Table-top Hadron Beams

Luigi PALUMBO (Dip. Energetica Univ. Sapienza, Roma, IT)

Coffee break

Putting Science in the Picture: Communicating European Research, Nanotechnology and Other Challenges

Patrick VITTET-PHILIPPE (European Commission, Bruxelles, BE)

From The Anatomy Theatre in Padua to Body Worlds-500 years of public anatomy, innovation and Ethical Issues

Tal BERMAN (The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space; Haifa, IL)

Lunch Break

How to Handle the Media: Maximizing the Opportunity and Minimizing Risk (working session)

Neil BENNETT and Nadia MARCHANT (iOpener, London, UK)


WEDNESDAY MAY 12 (09.30-18.00)


Hadron Therapy in Clinical Perspective

Roberto ORECCHIA (CNAO, Pavia, IT)

Communication for the Large Scale Science lab GSI at Darmstadt/Germany: the Example of Tumor Therapy with Heavy Ions

Ingo PETER (GSI Press Office, Darmstadt, DE)

Coffee break

Science in Newspapers

Gabriele BECCARIA (TuttoScienze e Tecnologia – La Stampa, Torino, IT)

Science is our Nature-Science Demonstrations and Shows as a way to Explain Science

Phenomena in Science Museums

(working session)

Tal BERMAN (The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space; Haifa, IL)

Lunch Break

Inconvenient messages concerning the practice of biomedical science, or the Importance of Being Honest

Fred BALVERT (Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Rotterdam, NL)

e-Health: Bridging the Gap

Manjit DOSANJH (CERN, Geneva, CH)

Coffee break

The World Race for Nano-Beams

Pantaleo RAIMONDI (LNF-INFN, Frascati, IT)

How Bad Science Communication can Affect a Country: the Case of H1N1 in Egypt

Maissa AZAB (Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, EG)

THURSDAY MAY 13 (09.30-13.15)


The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory: How Frontier Physics meets Health Sciences

Young-Kee KIM (FermiLab, Batavia, IL, US)

e-Health: Opportunities and Challenges of a Paradigmatic Convergence Field

Sergio BERTOLUCCI (CERN, Geneva, CH)

Coffee break

Dealing with an Interview (reverse session)

Elisa MANACORDA (Galileo, Roma, IT)

Closing remarks



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