2016 – Fundamental Science

2016 – Fundamental Science:
from cutting-edge technologies to the heart of society


The list of confirmed speakers includes:

Fred BALVERT (science communicator, Erasmus MC, NL), Eugenio COCCIA (INFN & GSSI, IT), Claudia DI GIORGIO (Le Scienze, IT), Marco DURANTE (TIFPA Trento, IT), Fernando FERRONI (INFN President, IT), Victor MALKA (Ensta, FR), Rosario NANIA (Scientific Director Centro Fermi, IT), Terry O’CONNOR (Head of Communications STFC, UK), Jacopo PASOTTI (Freelance, Science journalist, CH), Mico TATALOVIC (The New Scientist, UK), Joost VAN KASTEREN (Science journalist), Alessandro VARIOLA (INFN Frascati, IT), Mohammed YAHIA (Nature, Egypt), Anna Maria ZACCHEDDU (Communication Office, Telethon, IT).

Link to the programme