Travel information

How to reach the school

By plane

Two airports provide international connections:
“Falcone e Borsellino” Airport of Palermo
Airport of Trapani-Birgi

Transfers to and from Erice are provided by the Ettore Majorana Centre.

By train

From either Milan or Rome it is relatively easy to reach Erice. You must take a train to Trapani. Erice is situated on the mountain overlooking Trapani. From Trapani take a taxi to Erice. Confirm the price before taking the taxi.

By car

There are two possibilities:

1) Drive along the Autostrada del Sole via Milan-Bologna-Florence-Rome-Naples-Villa San Giovanni (Reggio Calabria); then take the ferryboat

from Villa San Giovanni to Messina and drive to Erice (350 km from Messina).

2) Take the ferry-boat either from Genoa or Naples to Palermo, and then drive on to Erice (100 km from Palermo). The places on the ferry-boat must be booked in advance.


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